As part of the on going work related learning initiative Dance and Media joined forces to create a promotional video for the college which showcased the skill set of the dancers on screen and the cinematographers and editors behind the camera
Party - Choreographed by James Robinson and the dancers during a professional masterclass - Performed by The Venue Dance Company
Skin Choreographed by Ace Dance and Music & the dancers - Performed by The Venue Dance Company
Bloodstream Choreographed by Chloe Thorpe

The Cult - Choreographed by Jamie McIntosh

6 hours on the river – Choreographed by Francesca Rankin

Unfriended – Choreographed by Scarlet Hurford

To this day - Choreographed and performed by Mia Williams

American dance evolution - Choreographed by Malcolm Kimani

Blair Witch – Choreographed by Jessica Pedley

Loss - Choreographed by Francesca Rankin

Behind closed doors - Choreographed by Demi-Leigh Butler

Broken night - Choreographed by Cora Morris

Bridge to Terabithia – Choreographed by Cora Morris

Carmina Burana Based on the Choreography by David Bintley Performed by YR 2 Dancers

Alice – Choreographed by Victoria-Jade Beard

Petrifying porcelain choreographed and performed Victoria-Jade Beard & Scarlet Hurford

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